All tables will only include Accessory, Furniture items and Enigmas released in each Pass.
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Season Pass: Early Access 1

SP1 released June 30th, 2020 and ended August 31st, 2020.
It introduced the Jackalope and the Shattered Bay House.

Item Name Type Tier Free?
Artist Bandanna Accessory (Neck) 3 No
Vendor Cap Accessory (Head) 4 Yes
Scholary Book Stack Furniture (Decor) 6 No
Bottley Enigma (Assorted Bottles) Furniture (Decor) 8 No
Vendor Sash Accessory (Neck) 9 No
Treasured Open Book Furniture (Decor) 10 Yes
Rare Plateau Fungi Furniture (Furniture) 12 No
Delicate Tea Cup Stack Furniture (Decor) 13 Yes
Petaled Enigma (Petal Tiara) Accessory (Head) 14 No
Cuppy Enigma (Delicate Single Tea Cup) Furniture (Decor) 16 No
Vendor Cuffs Accessory (Legs) 18 No
Sourdough Bread Board Furniture (Decor) 19 No
Rare "Marvelous Miss Marguerite" Furniture (Furniture) 21 No
Vendor Pantaloons Accessory (Shoulder) 22 Yes
Rare Ceramic Tail Ornament Accessory (Tail Tip) 24 No
Large Miremelon Fruit Plate Furniture (Misc) 27 Yes
Tasseled Enigma (Tassel Earrings) Accessory (Ear) 28 No
Rare Ceramic Cuffs Accessory (Legs) 29 No
Vendor Wraps Accessory (Legs) 30 No
Bogberry Fruit Plate Furniture (Decor) 32 No
Jester Outfit Set Accessory Set 35 No
Clamshell Nose Accessory (Face) 37 Yes
Seasonal Cheese Plate Furniture (Decor) 38 No
Rare Ceramic Outfit Accessory (Shoulder) 39 Yes
Clamshell Earrings Accessory (Ear) 42 No
Cloched Enigma (Floral Cloche Hat) Accessory (Head) 44 No
Clamshell Necklace Accessory (Neck) 46 Yes
Rare "La Brody Lisa" Furniture (Furniture) 47 No
Rare Rift Walker Ornament Accessory (Tail) 48 No
Clamshell Armor Accessory (Shoulder) 49 No
Elderguava Juice Pitcher Furniture (Decor) 52 Yes
Clamshell Shoes Accessory (Legs) 54 No
Elfy Garment Enigma (Elvish Robes) Accessory (Back) 56 No
Sunken Furniture Set Furniture Set 57 No
Clamshell Tail Decoration Accessory (Tail Tip) 58 No
Rare "Sanguine Crest" Furniture (Furniture) 60 No
Ornate Wig Accessory (Head) 61 No
Rare "The Game Master" Furniture (Furniture) 62 No
Ventura Outfit Set Accessory Set 63 No
Ornate Gown Accessory (Back) 65 No
Elfy Tail Enigma (Elvish Tail Talisman) Accessory (Tail Tip) 67 No
Ornate Amulet Accessory (Neck) 68 No
Ornate Leggings Accessory (Legs) 70 No
Ornate Tail Amulet Accessory (Tail Tip) 72 No
Rare Rift Walker Staff Accessory (Back) 73 No
General Uniform Vest Accessory (Back) 75 No
Chateau Furniture Set Furniture Set 77 No
General Uniform Pantaloons Accessory (Shoulder) 78 No
Renegade Tail Spikes Accessory (Tail) 80 No
Bookish Enigma (Studious Book Pile) Furniture (Furniture) 82 No
Renegade Cuffs Accessory (Legs) 83 No
Rare Bioluminescent Mushroom Patch Furniture (Furniture) 85 No
Renegade Outfit Accessory (Shoulder) 86 No
Elfy Leg Enigma (Elvish Leg Talismans) Accessory (Leg) 88 No
Rare Rift Walker Wrap Accessory (Shoulder) 89 No
Rare Rift Walker Sandals Accessory (Legs) 91 No
Renegade Spiked Eye Piece Accessory (Face) 92 No
Artist Outfit Set Accessory Set 94 No
Renegade Spiked Collar Accessory (Neck) 95 No
Rare Rift Walker Pauldrons Accessory (Shoulder) 97 No
Rare Rift Walker Helm Accessory (Head) 99 No
Renegade Horns Accessory (Head) 100 No

Season Pass: Early Access 2

SP2 released September 1st, 2020 and ended November 4th, 2020.
It introduced the Werewolf and the Sunken Thicket Home.

Item Name Type Tier Free?
Wedding Veil Accessory (Head) 3 No
Dragonmouth Sauce Furniture (Furniture) 4 No
Industrial Gas Lamp Furniture (Furniture) 6 No
Wedding Top Hat Accessory (Head) 7 No
Zing Chips Furniture (Furniture) 8 Yes
Shredding Enigma (Fell Guitar) Accessory (Back) 9 No
Heart Locket Accessory (Neck) 10 No
Fruitie Chewy Furniture (Furniture) 11 Yes
Pocket Watch Accessory (Legs) 12 No
Eerie Hat Accessory (Head) 14 No
Puffypoke Juice Box Furniture (Furniture) 16 No
Fera Glasses Accessory (Face) 17 No
Royalty Enigma (Princess Rose Sleeves) Accessory (Shoulder) 18 No
Chibident Tooth Paste Furniture (Furniture) 22 Yes
Scaled Shoulder Pauldrons Accessory (Shoulder) 23 No
Dark Ornate Throne Furniture (Furniture) 25 No
Cake Hat Accessory (Head) 26 No
Chibident Tooth Brush Furniture (Furniture) 28 Yes
Powdered Wig Accessory (Head) 29 No
Eerie Necklace Accessory (Neck) 31 No
Prickly Enigma (Succulent Collar) Accessory (Neck) 32 No
Bub-Bob Shampoo Furniture (Furniture) 34 Yes
Ballroom Furniture Set Furniture Set 36 No
Vampire Repellent Accessory (Neck) 37 Yes
Brody Plushie Furniture (Furniture) 38 No
Strand of Lights Accessory (Legs) 40 Yes
Twixt-Gnarled Armoire Furniture (Furniture) 41 No
Crab Crabbington Accessory (Tail Tip) 42 No
Skald Plushie Furniture (Furniture) 44 No
Stately Hat Accessory (Head) 45 No
Seraphic Enigma (Seraph Earring) Accessory (Ear) 46 No
Stately Glasses Accessory (Face) 48 No
Clothier Plushie Furniture (Furniture) 50 Yes
Discerning Exquisite Armoire Furniture (Furniture) 52 No
Tattered Outfit Set Accessory Set 54 No
Stately Tail Streamer Accessory (Tail) 55 No
Twinkling Hat Accessory (Head) 58 No
Eerie Armbands Accessory (Legs) 59 No
Twinkling Collar Accessory (Neck) 61 No
Skeleton Tree Furniture (Furniture) 62 No
Tundra Spindle Column Furniture (Furniture) 65 No
Twinkling Tail Strands Accessory (Tail) 67 No
Lobe Enigma (Ear Wings) Accessory (Ear) 68 No
Tassled Headpiece Accessory (Head) 70 No
Skull Ottoman Furniture (Furniture) 71 Yes
Voyager Furniture Set Furniture Set 73 No
Tassled Collar Accessory (Neck) 74 No
Groovy Outfit Set Accessory Set 77 No
Crystalline Crown Accessory (Head) 78 No
Ogasa Enigma (Ogasa Flag Pauldrons) Accessory (Shoulder) 82 No
Shattered Hat Accessory (Head) 84 No
Lacquered Swirled Table Furniture (Furniture) 85 No
Bone Lamp Furniture (Furniture) 89 Yes
Layered Hat Accessory (Head) 91 No
Pointed Enigma (Arrowpeak Pauldrons) Accessory (Shoulder) 92 No
Trippy Hat Accessory (Head) 95 No
Wicked Outfit Set Accessory Set 97 No
Eerie Tail Trinket Accessory (Tail Tip) 98 Yes
Ice Mantle Accessory (Head) 100 No

Season Pass: Early Access 3

SP3 released November 4th, 2020 and ended January 11th, 2020.
It introduced the Kirin and the Voyager Sanctuary.

Item Name Type Tier Free?
Silver Bell Scarf Accessory (Neck) 3 No
Frozen Tree Furniture (Furniture) 4 No
Myrefolk Terra Staff Accessory (Back) 6 No
Snowcap Enigma (Snowbold Hat) Accessory (Head) 7 No
Pinwheel Hat Accessory (Head) 8 No
Sled Furniture (Furniture) 9 No
Treat Party Plate Accessory (Head) 10 Yes
Caroler's Lantern Accessory (Tail) 11 No
Noble Snow Sculpture Furniture (Furniture) 13 No
Snowball Anklet Accessory (Legs) 15 No
Folded Towels Furniture (Furniture) 16 No
Luge Enigma (Strapped Toboggan) Accessory (Back) 17 No
Heat Lanterns Accessory (Tail) 18 No
Frosty Bag Accessory (Tail) 19 No
Potted Plant Furniture (Furniture) 21 Yes
Thermal Enigma (Cozy Winter Cloak) Accessory (Tail) 23 No
Hot Springs Furniture (Furniture) 26 No
Lavish Tassel Earrings Accessory (Ear) 27 No
Messy Trunk Furniture (Furniture) 30 Yes
Vanguard Winter Shawl Accessory (Shoulder) 36 No
Dour Enigma (Gloomy Top Hat) Accessory (Head) 37 No
Winter Leggings Accessory (Legs) 39 No
Brody Plates Furniture (Furniture) 41 Yes
Present Stack Accessory (Tail) 46 No
Lavish Boa Accessory (Neck) 47 No
Thunder Armor Accessory (Shoulder) 49 No
Mystical Snow Sculpture Furniture (Furniture) 50 No
Snow Shades Accessory (Face) 52 Yes
Ravishing Clothing Set Accessory Set 56 No
Builder Twiggle Plush Furniture (Furniture) 57 No
Crafty Enigma (Twigla's Hammer) Accessory (Back) 58 No
Icy Furniture Set Furniture Set 60 No
Lavish Bangles Accessory (Legs) 63 No
Fancy Gift Cover Accessory (Head) 65 Yes
Tempest Pauldrons Accessory (Shoulder) 67 No
String Enigma (Valkeri Guitar) Accessory (Back) 68 No
Frozen Pond Furniture (Furniture) 71 No
Ushanka Accessory (Head) 74 No
Knight Clothing Set Accessory Set 75 No
Original Twiggle Plush Furniture (Furniture) 76 No
Rhythm Enigma (Valkeri Drums) Accessory (Back) 78 Yes
Chill Necktie Accessory (Neck) 80 No
Special Delivery Bag Accessory (Back) 82 Yes
Cozy Furniture Set Furniture Set 83 No
Twiggle Flame Accessory (Head) 84 No
Stuffed Snowbold Furniture (Furniture) 86 Yes
Banquet Scarf Accessory (Neck) 87 No
Baby Enigma (Kitsune Junior) Accessory (Neck) 88 No
Shy Gnome Furniture (Furniture) 89 No
Twiggle Fence Furniture (Furniture) 92 No
Twiggle Hut Furniture (Furniture) 93 No
Enchanted Wish Scroll Accessory (Back) 95 Yes
Cloudburst Clothing Set Accessory Set 96 No
Twiggle Gate Furniture (Furniture) 97 No
Winter Forest Witch Hat Accessory (Head) 98 Yes
Brody Headband Accessory (Head) 100 No